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Talent show puts 'Spotlight' on evangelism

Nov. 3, 2005

by TRAMESE ANDREWS, reporter

Free food, free fun and free fellowship.

Every semester the Impact Movement hosts its talent show, and this semester everyone's entitled to their moment in the spotlight.

Spotlight is a Christian talent show geared toward glorifying God as students come together to commune with one another in the presence of the Lord.

Courtesy photo
The dance team "Women of Worth" from Spotlight 2004 include, from top left: Dallas senior Vera Igbinigie, 2002 graduate Nikkea Davis, 2005 graduate Andrea Punch, Fort Worth senior Ashlie Horton, 2005 graduate Erin Syers and Longview junior Sharece Vance. From bottom left: graduate student Casondra Brown, 2005 graduate Amanda Jackson, Houston senior L'Tania Alfred and 2005 graduate LaVonia Tryon.
"Spotlight is a way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in a laid back, fun-filled environment," said L'Tania Alfred, Missouri City senior and head chairwoman for Spotlight.

"It's Impact's way of having a big evangelism opportunity," Alfred said.

The Impact Movement is a Baylor-chartered organization and sister organization to Campus Crusade for Christ.

Each performer must present his or her talent before the Spotlight committee to ensure that the performances aren't secular.

There are five committees -- hospitality, transportation, publicity, decorations and food -- that work together to make the event run smoothly.

One key element to the show is the performance of the Impact Drama Team, which invites the audience to accept Christ.

"I like the drama team because it's one of the serious parts of the show," said drama team member and Fort Worth senior Ashlie Horton.

"Someone making a life changing decision is mind blowing, and to know that God is working through me is amazing," Horton said.

Horton is an eight-time participant in Spotlight.

Spotlight, originally called Coffee House, began in the fall of 1999 with cookies, tea and coffee.

The idea came from a regional Impact conference in Atlanta.

The first show was at Berry's Coffee House in downtown Waco in the fall of 1999.

Although the coffee house is no longer there, the Spotlight still shines.

"Over the years, not only has the talent gotten bigger and better, but we now have between 15 and 20 different sponsors each semester," Atlanta senior JeDonne Williams said.

"People come out and eat and have clean fun in the Lord," Williams said.

Local businesses such as Pizza Hut, Dunlap's and McAlister's donate food, gift cards and prizes to the event.

"I love the fact that we have food and we're able to break bread with one another because that allows us the opportunity to fellowship and build relationships with one another," Houston graduate student Casondra Brown said.

She was a part of the first Coffee House and continues to take an active part in the event as an Impact volunteer.

"At every Spotlight the gospel is shared, and we never know who is going to come in the doors and give their life to Christ. If one person's life is changed, mission accomplished," Brown said.

Food will be served at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m. Friday in the den of the Bill Daniel Student Center. Admission is free.