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Letters to the editor

Nov. 2, 2005

Use of judge's mother wrong

Like judge Samuel Alito, this Italian-American has a 90-year-old mother named Rose. I find it an outrage that an Associated Press "investigative" reporter brought Rose Alito into the thick of the controversy over her son's nomination to the Supreme Court, as reported in the Tuesday edition of the Lariat.

Regarding the all-important judicial issue of abortion, the AP story states, "Alito's mother shed some light on the debate." When asked, Rose Alito said, "Of course, he's against abortion."

Elderly Mama Roses may not grasp the intricacies of constitutional legal debate. But the 90-plus set of Italian mothers do handle elementary moral issues quite well. The same cannot be said of the Associated Press.

John Pisciotta
Bears for Life faculty sponsor
Associate professor, economics

Fans' language inappropriate

Baylor Line members, please consider what you say.

It is great coming back to the old campus during homecoming, meeting up with friends and heading to the football game to watch our Bears battle it out against the Raiders.

During the game, I was a little disturbed by the profanity coming from a few Baylor Line members. Now, I can understand getting a little involved based on a bad call by the referee. I will admit, I have done this too, but for four quarters of the game, this is excessive.

Remember who is around you. It's not just other students, but alumni and families. For families or prospective students watching the game, this is not the way we want Baylor reflected.

Next time, think first before yelling profanity, and if asked to calm it down, please don't take it as a personal attack but as a consideration. Remember, we are all part of the Baylor family.

Jeff Gross
Finance/management 2000

Hummer driving a moral issue

This is a response to Cody Shultz's letter defending H2 drivers on campus.

The issue presented by Pilcher's column had nothing to do with the legality of driving a Hummer. Nowhere did she suggest that Hummers should be banned from campus, or that students who choose to drive them should be penalized for their actions ... indeed, those students have a right to be wasteful and selfish if they so choose.

No, the issue of students driving Hummers needlessly is a moral issue, not a legal one. Driving a Hummer when a smaller passenger vehicle like an Xterra would do just fine shows a selfish lack of concern for the environment and the economy (an issue Mr. Shultz will likely find more important).

Is it legal to drive a Hummer when you don't need one?

Yes, and it's legal to buy every single gallon of milk in your whole city and dump it all out in the street ... but why would you do something so wasteful and stupid?

Jay Jackson
Undecided 2008