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Letters to the editor

Nov. 1, 2005

Line should stick together

For the most part, this year's Baylor Line at the football home games has been solid. The freshmen show up and are loud, which is more than what a lot of students do on Saturday football afternoons.

However, during this past weekend's game against Texas Tech University, there was something that made me and a lot of students around my section shake our heads. The Baylor Line is supposed to run around the field and near the corner of the end zone form a "human tunnel," allowing the Baylor football team to make their entrance through them. I know this may sound trivial, but half of the Baylor Line rushed up to their seats when just a third of the players made their way through.

All I'm saying is, just wait 30 more seconds when all the players have gone through that "tunnel" and then go up to the seats. They'll still be there. The game will still go on.

It shows a lack of unity by the Line dispersing like that, having some players go through the Baylor Line and the rest going through one half of the "tunnel," while the other half races to the bleachers. When the crowd looks down onto the field and sees students breaking away from tradition, it looks pretty weak.

Again, the spirit this year has been great and the Line should, and I know, will keep it up, but it could be better by showing more unity and sticking with tradition.

Alvin Tran
Psychology 2008

Nursing home work welcome

We would like to thank "Bruiser" and his friends Tommy, Ben and two others whose names we did not get, who came to our Fall Festival at Quality Care of Waco Nursing home.

They were wonderful. They brought so much enjoyment to our residents, staff and family members. We also want to include Anna Schuch from the Baylor soccer team, who also took time out to be with us for this event.

Carol Burton-Haverkamp, Volunteer coordinator
Beth Stuart, administrator
Lisa Walters, Director of nursing
Rod Bickford, Assistant administrator

Nothing wrong with Hummers

This is in response to Kristen Pilcher's column about students driving Hummers on campus.

I'm especially disturbed by her statement that no student needs something that big to drive to campus. Needing it or not should be a moot point, as everyone has right (if they so choose) to own and drive a Hummer, which, last time I checked, is 100 percent legal.

While I admit the Hummer is not the most economical vehicle out there, when it comes to the student paying the high gasoline costs for the privilege of driving one, the decision should be theirs and theirs alone.

Cody Shultz
Political science/international studies 2008