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Letters to the editor

Oct. 26, 2005

Previous letter not factual

I find the ignorance in Brett Bayne's letter appearing in Thursday's Lariat amusing.

He claims that Cameron Talley is a fair-weather fan who shows up late and leaves early. He also claims Talley has been to very few Baylor football games in his time here at Baylor.

The truth is, Cameron Talley is a member of both the marching band and the national honorary band fraternity.

As a member of the band, he has attended every Baylor home game and all away games that the band attended.

In addition, he shows up on game day four hours early for set up and band rehearsal, and stays half an hour after the final buzzer to make sure all equipment is accounted for.

While Bayne seems to be under the impression that Talley has never been present for the pre-game playing of the "Baylor Line," in truth Talley has been one of the band members who proudly play their school song.

Talley's point is that the team should stay after the game as well (as it did after the Samford game) regardless of the outcome.

Before Brett Bayne shoots off a letter to the editor, he needs to make sure that his accusations contain some truth.

Ryan Cobb
Undeclared 2008

DeLay belongs in office

Tom DeLay is a controversial figure, no doubt, but where I disagree with the Lariat editorial board is in their quick call to his complete resignation.

As a member of his district and a past intern in his Capitol Hill office, I have not only voted DeLay into office (gasp!) but worked twice for the Congressman as well.

As majority leader of the House of Representatives, his job was to serve as the elected leader of the party controlling the House.

As a conservative Republican, forgive me for admiring his ability to not only lead the party but also push the Republican agenda with no apologies.

I recognize that the law requires he step down as House majority leader during the trial, but concluding that he should permanently resign from his leadership position and congressional seat at this point in time is inappropriate.

Perhaps the mug shot last week confused the editorial board as DeLay was forced to take it, already framed to appear guilty before the trial is completely under way.

Let our Congress decide on the temporary majority leader vacancy, and as far as removing Congressman DeLay completely from Congress, leave that to my fellow voters of District 22.

Brittney Bain
Public relations
Political science 2006