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Hockey team back on track for success

Oct. 14, 2005

by TRAMESE ANDREWS, reporter

Coming off of a big win against Oklahoma State University, Baylor Hockey looks to ride its momentum into Austin at 8 p.m. today to take on The University of Texas.

The historic 10-2 win over OSU win snapped a three-year, 23-game losing streak, leaving them with a record of 1-1 for the 2005-06 season.

"The win was a building block," said Alex Jodry, a Dallas sophomore and president of Baylor Hockey.

The hockey team began in the late 1990s as a roller hockey team and in 2000 transformed to an ice hockey team.

After a rough start due to alcohol violations by a few members and a semester suspension handled by the Baylor administration, the hockey team found the win to be a big step forward for the organization.

"(The win) is a big confidence booster," said Coach Matt McClellan, a Sugar Land senior.

McClellan said because of the win, practices are more intense and that there is an increase in motivation not only for the games, but for practices, too.

Individuals involved in the incident either have graduated or are no longer playing. McClellan said they've put the past behind them.

"I love our team, and I love our guys. Given the sacrifices we have to make to be able to practice, it really shows how serious the guys are," Jodry said.

The privately-funded team practices Tuesday nights in Duncanville.

Baylor rents the team two vehicles so they are able to travel for practices and games.

Hockey is one of the 18 club sports that Baylor offers. They compete in the American College Hockey Association.

Jodry said they are not a varsity sport because they do not have the funds to travel nationally or to be considered a varsity sport.

"I want to see Baylor hockey become a serious competitive sport," Jodry said. "For the past three years, we didn't win a game. We can believe we can win again."