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Flag football full of rivalries

Oct. 13, 2005

by JOSHUA FLANAGAN, sports writer

Greek letters, heated rivalries and football cleats. That's right, it's intramural playoff time.

Players, coaches and fans crowded the intramural fields last night for All-University finals. The amount of preparation and fiery competitiveness from sororities, fraternities, open teams and other organizations challenges that which is experienced on Division I college football fields.

Jamie Westmoreland | Lariat staff
Pi Phi C quarterback Emily Steed drops back to throw a pass over a Chi-O C defender in a losing effort. Chi-O C won 13-0.
"Obviously it's on a lower scale, but I think the emotions are the same. It's neat," said Baylor punter Daniel Sepulveda, who teams with his brother, Matthew, a sophomore, to form a coaching duo for Pi Beta Phi.

Many recognize some of the rivalries: the battle among Kappa Sigma, Kappa Omega Tau and Phi Gamma Delta; or Pi Phi versus Chi Omega. They're settled on the football field.

"Every fraternity gets into the rivalries," said Jamie Norman, a Scottsdale, Ariz., senior and Kappa Sig member. "It's a source of pride just to have bragging rights over different groups."

Josh Buis, a Las Vegas senior and FIJI member, said that aside from the pride, rivalries make the college experience fun.

"It's fun to just have a rivalry. Being in college, playing intramural sports and to still have a rivalry like this. It's pretty intense," he said.

Jennifer Dempsey, a Plano senior in Pi Phi, agreed.

"Everyone's ultimate goal is to win intramurals for the year so that makes every game big," she said.

Still, for others, the experience and bonds they form drive them to play.

"Intramurals gives us an extra outlet, another way to be part of the school. And it's really fun," Sarah Langston, a Fort Worth senior and Pi Phi member, said. "There's just a special bond between the girls within the sorority that play intramurals. It's irreplaceable."

Dempsey said the competitiveness brings more fans to the game. Her teammate, Langston, intramural chair, said the fans help the team play harder.

"This is one of the favorite sports everyone comes to watch," Langston said.

For some of the coaches, the mere fun of the experience instead of the competitiveness drives them to coach intramural teams.

"It's really great. I enjoy being able to come out here every day, hang out and meet a bunch of girls. It's been fun getting to coach them this year and watch them grow as a team," Matthew Sepulveda said.

But there are competitive coaches.

"It's fun to get into it. [Matthew] has to keep me in check," Daniel Sepulveda said.

Sepulveda also said he enjoys coaching for the different point of view he gets.

"It's interesting to experiment how to get the best out of your players from this perspective when I do it everyday from the other direction," Daniel Sepulveda said.

Even though there are longtime rivalries among organizations, intramurals are for everyone, said coordinator for intramurals, Jeff Crownover.

Rivalries flare up in any intramural sport, but anyone on the field Wednesday could tell that there's just something about football.

In the D-III women's division, Chi-O C defeated Pi Phi C 13-0. Men's D-III followed with Kappa Sig C defeating Fiji C 26-6. The overall women's All-U winner was the 5th Year All-Stars, defeating Pi Phi A 13-7. Fiji A took home the men's championship by shutting out KOT A 19-0.