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Crew hosts Brazos regatta

Oct. 7, 2005

by JORDAN DANIEL,sports writer

For the third consecutive year, the Baylor crew team will host the Head of the Brazos Regatta this at 9 a.m. Saturday on the Brazos River.

The regatta will begin at the Franklin Avenue bridge and will finish at Cameron Park East.

Not only will the regatta include teams from six other colleges, but other various rowing clubs in Texas will participate as well.

Henry Chan | Lariat staff
The Baylor crew team prepares for the Head of the Brazos Regatta Thursday afternoon at the Baylor marina. Saturday's regatta will be the third year in a row that the Baylor crew team is hosting this event.
Baylor, Northwestern State University, Southern Methodist University, Rice University, Wichita State University and Oklahoma State University will participate in the college division.

Teams from these schools as well as the other rowing clubs will compete in the novice, open and junior divisions.

"For the past month and a half we've been working on pieces every morning and doing a lot of cardio," Dallas junior Audrey Basse said.

"This is an opening regatta for the novices and a way to get the older members back into the swing of things. This is kind of a preparatory regatta, but the competition is still really good," Basse said.

The Baylor crew team is a club sport, which some might view as a disadvantage when they are competing against schools with varsity teams.

However, the members of Baylor crew do not view this as a disadvantage.

"Monday through Friday we come out in the morning, and we're either out rowing or we're doing cardio," Houston senior Ian Coy said. "We train very hard to maintain a competitive edge."

According to Basse, the Baylor crew team believes they have something to prove when they compete against varsity teams from other universities.

"Being a club team I don't think leaves us at a disadvantage. We work just as hard as other schools, but the only difference is we aren't funded," Basse said.

"As non-scholarship athletes we're out here on our own accord."

In preparation for the race, the crew team has been working out in the early morning and in the afternoon to ready themselves for the Head of the Brazos Regatta and for the more prestigious Austin Regatta, scheduled for Oct. 29.

"We've been working up our cardio, running a lot," Dallas sophomore Richie Schuman said. "We've been doing mock races every day and trying to build up our endurance."

The crew team expects a more relaxed atmosphere in Waco than they will experience at competitions later this year, because they will play where they are used to practicing.

Coy is looking forward to seeing how competitive the 2005-2006 Baylor crew team will be.

"It's competitive to the point where we want to go out there and do our best," Coy said. "This is one of those where you can just go out and have a good time."

After running mock races with each other this fall, the crew team is looking forward to finally seeing some outside competition.

"It's really fun to race against other schools just because there are rivalries and we really want to win," Basse said. "We push ourselves hard because we represent Baylor and the students here."