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Girl Scout Cookies still going strong

March 2, 2005


A phrase echoed every February around the nation strikes dread into the heart of dieters and diabetics alike. We see them at our door, our office, at Wal-Mart, and possibly in our classes. Then we hear it -- "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?"

I have once again been pulled into the world of order forms, deliveries and, yes, that phrase. I ask professors and friends, co-workers and, well, pretty much anyone I meet. I have once again become a cookie dealer.

My name is Katie Hornstrom, and I'm a Girl Scout. I've been in Girl Scouts for 14 years and in the cookie business for 12. For two years, I managed to escape, but this year, I was pulled back in.

I began helping with a Girl Scout troop in Valley Mills (the town, not the road). One of the leaders asked me to sell cookies for the girls this year. Cookie profits are one of the troop's main fund-raisers and help provide money for the local Girl Scout council and programs. My quest for customers had begun.

Let's admit it, I don't exactly have the cuteness factor of the younger kids, but I do have a virtually untapped market -- college students. I love to ask in my classes if anyone wants to buy cookies. The joy of their treat or maybe just the sugar rush showing on the faces of my customers reminds me I'm making people happy. Knowing I've helped a great group of children just makes my day.

The buyers may think they're getting a box of cookies, but they are teaching these girls so much more. Personally, I want to say a huge thank you to the Girl Scout Cookies and to every one of their customers. I learned how to count money by counting change to customers. I learned most of my beginning interview skills asking people for orders. I learned not to get discouraged by rejection or take denial personally. I learned the feeling of elation when achieving a goal. I also learned to use my resources wisely by asking friends of my parents to sell cookies for me. That's what I've become now -- a resource to be used, an avenue to a bigger market, an older cookie dealer.

This year, the cookie time is up. Rest easy, carb and calorie counters, you have until next year to steel your resolve. I'll be back. We always come back.