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Letters to the editor

Nov. 30, 2004

Senate slaps students in face

The Faculty Senate's actions in offering the elected representatives of the students the excess proceeds of its subversive referendum was a slap in the face of all students. All I have to say is, "it's about time." Seriously, until last week, I, as a student, had felt the Faculty Senate had unfairly discriminated against me. It had slapped the face of our Baylor Board of Regents by subverting its authority and its stated position on the referendum. It had slapped the face of our administration by calling for their general demise. It had even slapped the face of its fellow faculty members by belittling those faculty members' genuine request not to proceed with this referendum. Yet, here I stood as a student just begging to turn my other cheek, only to be ignored. However, equity has now been served; my desires for equality have now been appeased. I don't think I could have thought up a better way of slapping our faces than by offering us the money from an event to which our representatives had legislatively declared its opposition.

Brad Pierce 2004

Law 2007

Congress too fast in rejection

There are two problems, both concerning finances, of which the Lariat has made Baylor students aware. The first is Student Congress' use, or potential misuse, of the Student Life fund. The second is Baylor's impending tuition raise. Both are problems that I feel have not been properly explained to the university at large.

The problem arises in Student Congress' dealing with allocations from and donations to the Student life Fund, a fund that, as Student Body President Jeff Leach said, is "intended to help programs, ideas or initiatives that will impact the lives of students."

In the Nov. 19 issue of the Lariat, one reads about the decline of the excess funds and those offered by the Faculty Senate by Student Congress. To turn down money that would help renew this rapidly depleting fund, I feel, is somewhat hasty. Aside from the fund itself, to go on record as saying "Student Congress will not accept any possible donations given for the purposes of running the referendum," gives the impression of definite division between the students and the faculty that I simply don't see and that Student Congress should try to avoid.

Oct. 22, the Baylor Board of Regents voted to increase students tuition by 6.4 percent, an increase that board chairman Will Davis described as "in the same range" and "roughly the same percentage" as in years past.

"Same range" and "roughly" are words one uses to describe a long drive on a driving range, not to communicate the increase of student expense. I'm happy to see that our regents are so plucky in the event of heightened education costs, but we, the students are putting up the bill, and before any increase in tuition is made, an explanation as to why the increase is absolutely necessary should be issued and agreed upon by the students. This is our university and it is our voice that needs to be used.

Michael Compton

Journalism, 2006

Baylor Line rude at last game

One of my favorite things about Baylor is that win or lose, we handle ourselves with dignity and grace. Our football team competed well at the last game and deserves to be applauded. However, the Baylor Line deserves no such praise. I was thoroughly disappointed to hear they not only jeered at Oklahoma University's band, but were overheard cracking jokes during both alma maters and the prayer. All competitive sports come with a healthy amount of taunting, but the Baylor Line went beyond mere competitiveness into blatant rudeness. It is a shame that a season in which we finally earned some recognition was tainted by such juvenile behavior.

Megan Tipps

Neuroscience 2005