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Health needs tending during time of finals

Nov. 30, 2004


In the last few months at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Mich., Campus Security received several phone calls regarding students passing out because they are not getting enough food and sleep. One girl said she only had a few Reeses Pieces and a carbonated drink throughout the day.

According to Brandweek, students asked in a survey were not "as eager to sacrifice hard-earned grades or money" for health. This time of year students may see health sacrificed on many college campuses due to trying to do too much in one day and without the right nutrients.

The editorial board feels students must slow down and take time to eat healthy especially during this last week of class and before finals. According to the Food Guide Pyramid, students should have limited daily servings of dairy products, oils and sweets and some fats and more servings of fruits and vegetables. They should also have an even greater portion of breads, cereals and pastas. Nutrients provide us with energy that allow the mind and body to grow, develop and function normally. Although this may be a widely known topic, students may easily lose sight of the importance of staying healthy while striving for good grades.

Another tip of which the board reminds students is the importance of breakfast and a regular diet. says breakfast can get a student's metabolism going and will make the student less likely to overeat later.

"Yet ... only 19 percent of students skip breakfast everyday and 40 percent don't eat breakfast regularly," Dr. Edward F. Anhalt, wrote in his article "Good eating habits start early."

Students sometimes associate health with weight but let us all think of health in a different way -- to keep us going throughout the day in a more substantive manner than sugar and lack of sleep.

Baylor emphasizes the importance of the mental, social, spiritual and physical aspects in a student's life. Let's not forget the fourth.

Editorial Board 5-0