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Dean of university life resigns

Nov. 22, 2004

By PETER ANZOLLITTO, staff writer

Dr. Todd L. Lake, dean for university life, has resigned his position and will be leaving Baylor in early January. Lake accepted the position of vice president for spiritual development at Belmont University in Nashville.

"When this opportunity arose, Joy and I prayed for clarity because we have had such a delightful, enriching and fruitful experiences at Baylor, and there was no real reason to leave," Lake said according to a Baylor press release. "Although it is difficult to leave all the friendships we have made and a university that is second to none, this call to Belmont is a positive one for our family. We will sorely miss the many friends we have made and the good folks who, under God's leadership, build University Ministries into what it is today."

As vice president for spiritual development at Belmont, Lake will work with the leadership of the university to "think together about what it means to be a Christian university" according to Lake. Dr. Joy Jordan-Lake, Baylor English professor and co-director of Baylor's Art & Soul religious faith and literary conference, will also begin teaching at Belmont.

Lake came to Baylor in 1999 as dean of Chapel and minister to the university community from Wingate University. Under Lake and his staff, University Ministries implemented many new initiatives, including Baylor's resident chaplain program and discipline-specific mission trips. Lake serves as assistant director of Baylor Horizons and was named dean for university life earlier this year.

"Over the last five years, Todd Lake has expanded the traditional role of chaplain at Baylor to create a more comprehensive and pervasive approach to campus ministry," Dr. Eileen Hulme, vice president for student life, said in a Baylor press release. "While he has served as a campus pastor, he has created opportunities for students to think more deliberately about God's calling on their lives. He has truly enriched the spiritual environment on campus and we will miss him."

Lake said his most memorable moment at Baylor was just last week when 200 students answered a Chapel speaker's call to assist in the AIDS crisis relief missions work this summer in Africa. Three hundred total students have signed up to go on the trip.

"It has been an amazing experience to be at a university that trains up students to serve and live out their faith and then to actually be able to see it happen," Lake said.