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Have safe, restful Thanksgiving break

Nov. 19, 2004


According to the National Sleep Foundation, 53 percent of young adults say they will sleep less in order to get more done. In 2000, a study showed 55 percent of young adults report "waking up feeling unrefreshed." Sound familiar?

College students are not showing the youthful energy they are expected to have usually.

This holiday, the Lariat editorial board wants to encourage students and faculty to take this Thanksgiving holiday to not only eat lots of turkey, but get rest.

Thanksgiving is always a time for college students to either go home and see family or stay at Baylor and be hosted by our university family or any other Thanksgiving choices.

All students, though, have the pressure of finals coming up.

While we may study and get ready for the last week of class awaiting us after Thanksgiving, please make healthy choices.

That startd with driving. According to the foundation's Web site at least 71,000 people are injured in drowsy driving accidents. Seventy-one percent of drowsy driving reports are from the ages of 18 to 29 years old.

While many may look forward to getting in our own homes instead of a crunched-up dorm room, please take time on the road.

A few tips to stay alert would be to stop every two hours, get a full night's rest the night before, listen to the radio and stop whenever one experiences signs of fatigue. Also, enjoy the preview of holidays. Thanksgiving always seems like a teaser for the grand break after finals.

Be thankful for the chance we students have to receive an education at a university that holds its students dear.

Whether students are suffering from final exam fears, research paper fatigue or even the political or social pressures on the Baylor campus, let us all take time to relax and enjoy the season safely and indulgently.

Editorial Board 5-0