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Council pushes 2012 initiatives

Nov. 19, 2004

By PETER ANZOLLITTO, staff writer

The Baylor 2012 Student Development Council is leading the way for students to help realize the vision of Baylor 2012.

Initiated in September 2003 by former External Vice President John Hill, The Baylor 2012 Student Development Council is now in its second year of existence. Its mission: to "ensure that students serve at the vanguard of realizing the goals of Baylor's 2012 vision."

"We felt like there needed to be an organization on campus that kept students, and student interests, involved with the 2012 vision as well as taking information about the 2012 vision to students," Matt Langston, council president and a Valley Mills junior, said.

The council, which can have a maximum of 12 members but has nine, focuses on two imperatives of Baylor 2012 a year.

They are continuing with last year's imperatives -- VI and IX.

"We looked at our members and their strengths and tried to find imperatives that matched well with them," Langston said.

"We felt imperatives XI and IX were good fits and there is certainly a lot to be done with them," he said.

Imperative XI is to "guide all Baylor students to understand ... life as a stewardship and work as a vocation," and imperative IX is to "enhance involvement of the entire Baylor family."

The council has been working on several projects to make these imperatives real to students and to ultimately fulfill them.

In order to educate students on vocational opportunities, for imperative XI, the council put together a community involvement summit last year and is working on another one for this year.

"We wanted to connect the students' vocations and pursuits with opportunities to use them in the community," Lauren Partridge, council executive vice-president, said.

Leaders from the Waco community joined Baylor faculty and administrators at the summit to have an open dialogue over how Baylor students can use their skills and training in the community.

The council also has set up a series of informal lunches with administrators, which are open to all students, for imperative IX.

Dr. Eileen Hulme, vice president for student life, and Tommye Lou Davis, chief of staff to the president, are two administrators who have met with students already.

Provost David Lyle Jeffrey is scheduled to meet at 12:30 p.m. on Dec 2, at Memorial Dining Hall.

"We want to give students the chance to know the administration on a personal level and be able to discuss things that concern them," Amanda Hutchison, council vice president of the imperative IX committee, said.

To contribute to another aspect of imperative IX, Connecting Baylor Undergraduate Students (CUBS) was formed last year.

CUBS connects out-of-state students with upperclassmen mentors.

Approximately 50 students were paired with mentors last year, easing the drastic transition out-of-state students experience and helping in retention, Partridge said.

Overall, the council feels good about its first 14 months in existence.

"I think we have been very successful so far; the responses we have gotten have all been positive," Langston said.