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BU senior rejoices at 3 words

Nov. 18, 2004

By SANDI VILLARREAL, assistant city editor

The beauty and power of words have always been important to me. Finding the essential word that describes something perfectly or dazzling someone with an extensive knowledge of the English language delights me beyond all measure.

Thus, you can imagine my delight in hearing those all-important three little words. They fill one with a sense of contentedness and felicity. They turn an incredibly unbearable day into a scene out of a musical -- background music and all. It's so simple, yet so meaningful.

"All requirements completed."

All seniors understand what I'm talking about. The rest will get to experience it at some point. It's the phrase on one's degree audit that assures him that his time here at this wonderful institution is coming to an end. In six short months, we will be walking across the Ferrell Special Events Center stage, degree in hand, and out to begin our lives.

There will be no more three-hour labs, all-night coffee binges, Chapel speakers, parking tickets outside Moody Memorial Library or wading through campus knee-deep in Waco water.

Freshman year, I never thought 124 hours would go by so quickly, and graduation was an afterthought. Sophomore year, my roommates commented that college was practically over. I rolled my eyes and called them something along the lines of sentimental dorks. Junior year, I saw the end in sight but was too overwhelmed by classes and work to think much about it.

Now, the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching, and I couldn't be more ready or more excited.

All the annoying requirements are almost out of the way, but there will also be no more spontaneous trips to Hillsboro for Slurpees, Phi Kappa Chi root beer parties, DTRs over Common Grounds coffee, Lariat crossword puzzles to get you through the day or all the other random moments that make college special.

Seniors, we've got one more semester to make memories and enjoy what is most likely the best time of our lives. To the rest of the student body, enjoy it while you can. It goes by faster than you think. Also, to all of you seniors who thought you were, graduating, but got the good ole "incomplete requirements" message, good luck and God bless.