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Wish list changes over time

Nov. 17, 2004

By KRISTEN FELLER, photographer

It's that time of year again; Santa's making his list and checking it twice. Don't underestimate the Santa man, he's going to find out if you've been naughty or nice. At the same time, we are all making our own lists: things we want to find under the tree on Christmas morning. This got me thinking about how much my taste has changed over the years and I'm sure most of us born between 1980 and 1985 can relate. Let's compare my wish list in 1987, to what my 2004 wish list.

Back in the day, Thundercats were the coolest cartoon on TV (besides Transformers and Smurfs) so, of course, I wanted to be the Cheetah; I would run around in the house in a purple and yellow bathing suit with black spots all over me (courtesy of my mom's eyeliner) growling and hissing like a big cat. Fun times. I also loved playing Atari; remember Pitfall -- the one where you swing over the alligators on vines hanging from the trees? Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. were other favorites I know we've all played a thousand times. I remember when I got the Nintendo Power Pad where you stomped your feet really hard on the different colored pads and it was like I was running track. It wasn't too long before we figured out you could just use your hands and go ridiculously fast and jump ridiculously far. Video games have come a long way since the first Pac-Man I used to play at the local Pizza Hut. Now we're playing multi-dimensional, multi-player, "lets-see-how- many-people" sniper games over the Internet. I'm sure Halo 2, is at the top of most lists (if some don't already have it).

But besides video games, there are tons of other cool stuff on my 2004 wish list. Instead of a Debbie Gibson tape, I might ask for the new Gwen Stefani CD, or an Mp3 player or the new Snoop song "Drop it Like it's Hot" ringtone. I'll be the coolest girl at Baylor. Now I just need West Coast Customs to pimp my ride complete with 22-inch chrome "ride-spinnas," a diamond-studded rear-view mirror and throw-back Knight Rider leather seats. Maybe they could throw K.I.T.T. in there somehow, I don't know. Topping my list would have to be The Dave Chappelle Show, season two on DVD; my friends and I could watch it on my DVD screens West Coast Customs installed in my ride, and cruise around campus.