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BU students attend international business conference

Nov. 17, 2004


Four Baylor students were chosen to attend Princeton's Business Today program's International Conference for business professionals and students from Saturday through Tuesday in New York City. Attending students will hear perspectives of business leaders and discuss current business issues.

Dallas senior Lindsay Garrison; Wichita, Kan., senior Katie Goodwin; Rockwall senior Matthew Sanders; and Katy senior Amber St. Amant were among the 200 business students chosen to attend from all over the world.

According to the Business Today Web site, the purpose of the conference is to hold discussions on topics affecting the business world and to give business executives a chance to meet the brightest students in the field, and vice versa.

Garrison said she is looking forward to meeting the many business executives who will attend the conference.

"It's an incredible networking device," she said. "I'm looking forward to the experience of getting to meet executives from all over the world. It's eye opening to get a new perspective as to what we see here and in the media," she said.

Executives at the conference will receive a resume, biography and snapshot of each student at the conference.

"That's such a benefit ... in case they need someone with your major or your expertise," Garrison said.

Applications come from all over the globe before being narrowed down to 200 students.

"I'm excited to meet other students from around the world," Goodwin said. "It's an impressive list to look at -- this person's from Japan, this person's from Paris, this person's from Harvard," she said.

Business Today officials contacted Baylor students last spring through BEST, the business honors program. Applicants had to send in their resumes and write essays pertaining to the conference's topic this year: the relationship of business and politics.

"I don't really know much about this topic, so it's exciting to know I have a lot to learn," Goodwin said.

Business Today is a student run program at Princeton with two objectives. The first is their magazine, Business Today, which is published trianually and reaches 250,000 readers. The second objective of the organization is to host the International Conference.

This year's speakers include Gordon Bethune, CEO of Continental Airlines, Inc.; Heidi G. Miller, CEO, Treasury & Securities Services of J.P. Morgan Chase Co.; and Michael Eskew, CEO of New York Times Digital.

Past speakers include notable executives and politicians such as Russell Simmons, CEO of Def Jam; Steve Forbes, president and CEO of Forbes, Inc. and president and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine; and former congressman Mickey Edwards.

Business Today was founded in 1968 by three Princeton students -- Steve Forbes, Michael Mims and Jonathan Perel. The Business Today Web site said the purpose of the magazine was to give students a voice and bridge the gap existing between college students and professionals.