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Patience needed with dorm changes

Nov. 16, 2004


Next fall, male students will be carrying their belongings into Allen Residence Hall instead of females.

While many current Allen residents find this upsetting, the Lariat editorial board supports Campus Living and Learning in their decision to provide more housing for male students.

Males occupy seven facilities as opposed to female students occupying nine Baylor residences. Some of these include shared apartment grounds such as North Village Residential Community and the Arbors. There are more women on Baylor's campus not counting the Living and Learning Centers, Honors College or Leadership centers. One reason given for these is this will expand the Leadership Living and Learning Center.

While there is a higher ratio of female students living on campus to male, the board still sees a need to balance out the facilities on campus for both genders. Changes will also abound among North Village residents who are active in the Engineering and Computer Science Living and Learning Center.

While we understand the sudden announcement of the change has shocked and upset some of Allen's current residents, we see no reason not to go through with the proposed switch.

Students move from these dorms during the summer only to move back for the next term, so moving into a new facility will not be a hindrance. We hope all residents will be flexible in the changes taking place on our campus, but we also hope administrators will inform students sooner of the changes that will place. Throughout Baylor history, students have seen residence changes such as Kokernot Residence Hall change to a female dorm or Brooks Residence Hall saying goodbye to student athletes in Fall 1986.

This change may seem abrupt and some may question its reasons, but we encourage female and male students to enjoy the move.

Editorial Board 5-0