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$1,155 given for Christmas concert

Nov. 12, 2004

By ASHLEY HOLT, reporter

Student Congress passed a bill Thursday allocating $1,155 to the Mu Phi Epsilon Christmas Concert on Nov. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Meadows Recital Hall McCrary Music Building. The bill passed 34 to 0. There were 16 members absent from the meeting and one who had conflict of interest.

The money will be used for decorations for Meadows Recital Hall and for decorations for the reception in Jones Lobby. The money will also be allocated to publicity, music, performer gifts and reception items.

"They've been the most extremely prepared organization that has approached us this year so far," Trent Weaver, a junior from DeKalb and congress member who sponsored the bill, said.

Weaver said the organization presented congress with an allocation request about seven pages long, which is three pages longer than most requests.

Meredith Meyer, a Belton senior who represented the music fraternity at Thursday's meeting, said on behalf of the fraternity they're excited congress passed the bill.

"We want to express how thankful we are," she said. "We hope their support will encourage other students to come to the event and other school music events."

Meyer said they're expecting at least 200 people, which is double last year's attendance.

"This concert is in honor of Christmas," Katie Weiss, a Dallas sophomore and congress member who also sponsored the bill, said. "They've worked so hard, and I want us to support their organization."

The theme is "Music in Snow" and decorations will consist of large tissue snowflakes, fake snow on the ground and cookies and marshmallows shaped like snowflakes.

This is the second year the fraternity will have a concert. Last year, the fraternity paid for decorations and the reception out of pocket, as well as borrowed items.

"We didn't have hardly anything last year," Meyer said. "We borrowed a Christmas tree and made all of the ornaments."

Meyer said the fraternity is trying to make this Christmas concert an annual event, and will re-use the decorations from this year for next year. She said the fraternity hopes to be able to use a small portion of next year's budget for the rest of the things they may need.

"I'm a big supporter of the arts and this is giving us the chance to give back to Baylor," Weaver said. "This fraternity has shown their passion for what they do through their dedication, and student congress is showing that we also have a passion by supporting them. I highly respect the fraternity for all they've done."

The Clarinet Trio, Brass Quintet, Baylor Percussion Group and Baylor Jazz Septet are just a few of the musical groups that will be performing at the concert.

Student congress will also be voting on a bill at next Thursday's meeting that will allocate $5,610 for six new computer workstations in the Baylor Science Building, which is the first time congress has been asked to allocate money for a non-event.