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Allen to become male housing

Nov. 11, 2004

By JOSH HORTON, staff writer

A change that will make Allen Residence Hall a men's dorm next year has upset some of its current residents. Dawson Residence Hall will remain open for women, but the first floor of Allen and Dawson will become the Leadership Living-Learning Center.

Terri Garrett, director for housing administration and academic initiatives, said she doesn't think the switch will be a problem.

"The numbers really do match up with how many students reapplied to live there last year," she said. "Really, I think students will find that it will work well."

Some students living in Allen are displeased with the change.

"I'm really not too thrilled about it, to be honest," Van Nguyen, a Rowlett junior, said. "I probably will have to go to Dawson."

Nacogdoches sophomore Christina Shaw said she also disagrees with the decision.

"I think it's unnecessary," Shaw said.

Garrett said students living in Allen have several other residence options, including about 30 spots in Baylor Plaza, about 80 spots in The Arbors apartment, and several new double-occupancy private rooms in Kokernot Residence Hall. She also said that students who are not able to stay in Allen next year will receive second priority in residence hall selections for next year.

"What I think is uncomfortable is that if a student has been in one of these rooms in Allen now [they] won't be," Garrett said. "It's not that same-hall same-room option."

A The Woodlands junior Rachel Goodlad, a community leader, said she believes the change will not be a problem.

"I think [Campus Living and Learning's] plan is good," Goodlad said.

She also said she thinks many students who are upset about the decision are "kind of misinformed."

The North Village residence community also will undergo several changes. The Engineering and Computer Science Living-Learning Center, which is currently split between University House and Texana House, will move into Heritage House. The south half of Heritage House will house men, with the first, second and third floors designated for the Engineering and Computer Science LLC. The north half of Heritage House will house women, but the second floor will be set aside as the Engineering and Computer Science LLC.

Garrett said one of the main reasons for changing Allen and Dawson is the need for an expanded Leadership LLC, which was divided between the North Russell and Martin Residence Halls.

"We know this is a popular place for our upper-division women, and especially those who have lived in Memorial and Alexander before and then lived here," Garrett said. "We're pleased with that, but [the change] just makes sense."