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Texas Baptists select 3 Baylor regents

Nov. 11, 2004

By ELVIA AGUILAR, city editor

Messengers at the Baptist General Convention voted to re-elect university regents Wes Bailey and Randy Ferguson to serve three-year terms and elected Duane Brooks to return to the Baylor Board of Regents after his resignation in 2003.

Bailey, who was elected by the BGCT in 2002, said he was glad to hear about the reaffirmation.

"I am delighted to be re-elected," Bailey said. "I love serving my alma mater and look forward to serving another three years."

Bailey is the president of Bailey Insurance and Finance Services in Waco.

Ferguson was elected as regent in 1999, and is president of RWF Investment in Austin, which includes interests in real estate ranching, finance and construction.

Brooks received a bachelor's degree in history and a doctorate in philosophy in 1991 from Baylor. He began his ministry at Tallwood Baptist Church. He was first elected by the BGCT in 1999, but resigned from his post in 2003. Brooks resigned after becoming aware of a BGCT policy that states individuals elected by the convention cannot serve as trustees of Baptist institutional boards if they are related to a senior administrator of that institution. His brother, David R. Brooks, was vice president for finance and administration at the time.

In other action at the convention, president Ken Hall ruled a motion out of order by messenger Joan Trew, of University Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

Trew moved that funds the BGCT normally sends to Baylor University, which are about $2.5 million in fiscal 2005, be escrowed "until unity is restored and confidence re-established in the administration" of the school's administration to the satisfaction of the executive board.

Hall ruled the motion out of order because "it is not harmony with and not in the spirit and purpose of the convention." He said the motion "falls far short of celebrating God's family" and speaking the truth of love.

Baylor spokesman Larry Brumley, told the Associated Baptist Press that those types of characterizations are divisive and not helpful in achieving the peace Trew and many others want to achieve.

Trew said she disagrees with the decision and pointed out that at last year's convention action to withhold funding from Houston Baptist University was similar to her motion.

"There is a great concern among Texas Baptists about the divisions in the Baylor family," Trew said. "At the head of my concern is that Baylor is no longer a university that is affordable."

Trew said she has a great love for the university and has been involved with Baylor since the late 1960s. She plans to take her motion to the executive board of the BGCT.