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Students bereft of parking etiquette

Nov. 10, 2004

By ELVIA AGUILAR, city editor

So the last time I wrote a column, I wrote about smelly elevators. A short time later, the problem was fixed, thanks to a group of hard workers in the office of operations and facilities. Now I have another issue to complain about.

Well, it's not really a complaint. It's more of a plea for parking garage etiquette.

We all need it and so far, I have yet to find anyone who has it.

For a good two months now, I have seen the 21 years of my life flash before me numerous times as I make my way through the floors of the Dutton Avenue Parking Facility. Cars come speeding through in what should clearly be a slow-traveling area. But that's not the case. The other day, I saw a car coming toward me and as it came closer and closer the driver finally realized he was going the wrong way. As I turn the corners I hold my breath hoping there is no one who will come zooming past taking me and my little Nissan Sentra sliding across the parking garage floor. It really is a scary experience.

My friend has experienced similar situations, and I have heard a few professors complain about it.

Driving through the parking garage is like playing a full-contact sport with no pads. I marvel at the number of students who, even after a semester of parking, are still taking spots in areas marked clearly for faculty and staff. There is a reason why those signs are there.

I also am surprised at how some people still have not mastered the art of parking in one space and not taking up two. Now, I understand some cars are larger than others, but there is still no reason why a tiny Miata should take up two spaces. It's not too hard to take an extra minute to fix your bad parking. It doesn't take 20/20 vision to see two bright yellow lines and park your car in between them. It shouldn't be such a complicated process.

A parking garage is not a speedway or a highway. People need to slow down and become aware of all of their surroundings. Make sure you notice if cars are pulling out of the spaces before you zoom on by. Be respectful of others.

It may save you from having to pay for car repairs or medical insurance.