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Fraud expert joins faculty

Nov. 5, 2004

By MARCY GARCIA, reporter

"If anybody starts shooting, hit the dirt!" Dr. Kathy Hurtt said as she described her first experience serving search warrants as a certified fraud examiner.

Hurtt, assistant professor of accounting, joined Baylor faculty this fall and teaches accounting information systems, a course about technology in accounting. She's also scheduled to teach a master's class on fraud examination in the first summer session of 2005.

Courtesy photo
Dr. Kathy Hurtt, assistant professor of accounting, joins Baylor faculty this fall teaching accounting information systems. Hurtts supports Baylor 2012 claiming it is great to be able to be a Christian and strong scholars and academics. Hurtts also said stressing honesty, integrity and trust is easier at Baylor as it is a place with more absolutes.
"There's nothing more fun than reading about and studying how frauds happen, how you stop them and understanding the legal implications," Hurtt said. She said accounting is much more interesting and exciting than some think.

"People always think of accounting as being really boring, and I'm thinking 'not in my experience,'" Hurtt said.

Hurtt said shes had a great career. Before coming to Baylor, Hurtt spent the last five years as an assistant professor of accounting at the University of Wisconsin. She said hearing about Baylor and the 2012 Vision made her realize Baylor was where she wanted to be.

"Baylor 2012 really intrigued me," Hurtt said. "There's a lot of conversation about it going on at schools all over the country."

She said she's told friends she thinks faculty are going to be pounding down the door to come to Baylor.

"It's an amazing concept to say we as Christians can be strong scholars and academics, and strong Christians," Hurt said. She said she enjoys teaching junior accounting majors who will be out on internships next year working as professional accountants. Stressing the importance of honesty, integrity and trust to her students has always been part of the accounting curriculum, Hurtt said, but being at Baylor has made it a little easier.

"It's nice to be able to talk about it in a place where there are more absolutes," Hurtt said, "where we believe not only is it the right thing to do as accountants, but we also think it's the right thing to do because that's what God called us to do."

Some of Hurtt's students said they like her teaching approach and the comfortable atmosphere of her classes. "She's an amazing new faculty member [who] is bringing new ideas, as well as a creative approach to learning accounting," Marcus McDaniel, a Baytown junior, said. Megan Henk, a St. Paul, Minn., junior, said Hurtt is a terrific professor who has motivated her to do well.

"The one thing I like best about Dr. Hurtt is she puts in the extra effort to try to connect with her students," Henk said.

Will Tate, a Forth Worth junior, said Hurtt has done a good job of making her classroom an open environment where questions and comments are welcome and appreciated.

Dr. Jane Baldwin, professor of accounting, said Hurtt interacts well with her students and takes a personal interest in them.

"She is so encouraging and enthusiastic about her teaching area and students seem to really enjoy the one-on-one contact with her," Baldwin said.

Dr. Kevin Kobelsky, assistant professor of accounting, teaches accounting information systems alongside Hurtt. Kobelsky and Hurtt were hired to work together in their specialty area, and Kobelsky said having a partner makes things much more interesting.

"We both decided to come knowing that we'd be able to work together," Kobelsky said.

He said he was drawn to Baylor because of its respected accounting program, supportive colleagues, Christian reputation and Baylor 2012. "All of those four things together made it very compelling," he said.

Kobelsky said it's been great to work with somebody with the same vision. Along with caring for her students and conducting interesting research, Kobelsky said Hurtt is a woman of strong faith and a great Christian role model.

"To me that embodies what Baylor is trying to do with Baylor 2012," he said.