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Victory highlights BU spirit

Nov. 4, 2004

By DAVID BROWNING, sophomore class president

Monday morning I woke up and turned on the radio, as I do every morning, to my favorite Dallas station. While I was preparing for the day I heard the sportscaster come on the air. His entire commentary was about Baylor's win over Texas A&M University. However, only part of his air time did he spend speaking about the actual winning plays of the game. The rest of his time was spent talking about the Baylor and Texas A&M University fans attending the game. My favorite quote of his was that "... there was an obvious disappointment amongst Aggie fans. It was as if the fans have sighed, and went into shock from disbelief. But Baylor fans were ecstatic." The sportscaster definitely gave an accurate description, which goes to show just how important student attendance and participation at Baylor's sporting events is to the outcome of the game and to Baylor spirit. Head Coach Guy Morriss has spoken on several occasions of the positive effect a stadium filled with enthusiastic Baylor students has upon the Baylor football players and their performance. Saturday night supports his statement. However, not only did the high attendance raise the morale of our athletes but also was a serious distraction to the opposing team. Apparently, or so I am told, the noise generated by the Baylor fans actually disrupted and distracted the communication amongst the Texas A&M athletes. Another great aspect of student attendance and spirit at Baylor's football games and other sporting events, is the positive light then shown upon Baylor. By simply showing up in masses and participating to the fullest, we prove to the opposing school and their athletes that Baylor will not be easily defeated. Just as we proved to Texas A&M, Baylor is, can, and will be victorious.

Finally, by attending and showing spirit at Baylor's sporting events you are uniting the student body. The past two years have been riddled with a smorgasbord of viewpoints and opinions, but when we all show our love of this school at the football, basketball, baseball and other sporting events we unite the student body in a way no amount of programming or activities ever could.

I encourage students to attend as many of these events as possible. This weekend was the first time Baylor has been victorious over Texas A&M since 1985. That is too long to wait for a win against the maroon. Therefore, I hope students will once again show our school spirit at Baylor's next game and help bring our great university another win. Sic'em Bears!