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Student Congress made right decision

Nov. 3, 2004


Student Congress recently upheld a veto by Student Body President Jeff Leach which would have allocated $1,300 to the Baylor Swing Dance Society's annual Halloween costume ball.

He said the bill was vetoed because he thinks Student Congress should not move bills into second reading just because the organization needs the money quickly.

The Lariat editorial board agrees with Leach and applauds Congress' decision because all organizations should follow the same process and turn in their requests for money as soon as possible.

The author of the bill, Scott Beggs, said "the group's lack of preparation came from not knowing about the Student Life Fund."

Student Congress has shown increased efforts to notify organizations of the process by sending representatives to speak to organizations throughout campus.

The Lariat believes if an organization is in serious need of money, they will go through the process in a timely fashion and do what it takes to get the money they need. Leach also said the Student Life Fund was intended to help programs with increased funding, not be the sole purpose of funding for an event.

The editorial board agrees. The Baylor Swing Society should have been prepared with other sources of income for an event and not completely rely on the Student Life Fund to make their event a reality.

While we appreciate the avenue the Student Life Fund provides for organizations on campus, we also appreciate Student Congress' decision to re-evaluate their allocation and be accountable of the allotted money.

The editorial board believes congress officials should take time before making decisions and allocating money.

Editorial vote 3-2