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Bush led by firm ideals, not polls

Nov. 2, 2004

By CHASE BROWNING, guest columnist

Today the American people will make a choice on whether to vote for President George W. Bush or Sen. John Kerry.

Tonight, many will watch the election, hoping for red or blue states. As morning falls, we should expect President George W. Bush to have four more years in the presidency.

Since 2000, many liberals have argued that Bush has failed economically, domestically and on the war on terror. Many claim Bush has failed in the international arena.

It seems to some people that disarming the Taliban, setting up a free democratic state in Afghanistan, neutralizing the weapons threat from Syria, capturing the brutal dictator of Iraq and the continual fight against narcoterrorism in Colombia aren't anything of merit.

I imagine the first public legislative funding for stem cell research enacted by Bush isn't anything either.

Or, the tax breaks that have benefited not only "the most top 1 percent of Americans," but also middle class families living paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe someone should remind the liberals that Osama Bin Laden with Al-Qaeda, flew two commercial airliners into the economic and financial heart of America.

Does any liberal think about that? Does anyone imagine that the threat posed by the terrorist organizations is not one with merit?

I do say one thing; Kerry speaks well and often. He speaks about things that bolster the polls or continues to spawn the hatred towards Bush.

While the liberals continue to believe this country is going on a downward path, don't tell that to the soldiers in Iraq fighting for our country believing in the cause of upholding freedom, or my co-workers in Fort Worth construction working for their families and getting things done. The liberals continue to make a case that Bush only benefits the top 1 percent. Tell that to the average American.

The average American did receive a tax break that helped fund for college education, free up financial stress and allowed for more of their paychecks to be allocated to other resources, ultimately improving the economy.

More importantly, this group never received that free welfare check, nor would they take it. The United States is founded on hard work and faith, not socialism.

Bush embodies that spirit of the blue collared worker and white collared alike.

Bush doesn't answer to the French, Germans or the United Nations -- he only answers to his faith. He isn't led by polls, he is led by a determination that some can't understand. Walking the straight and narrow isn't easy, and believing that the presidential position owes its origin to God doesn't sit well with the non-Christian world.

President Bush deserves four more years; this country needs the leadership of a man of absolutes, not fancy rhetoric.

These past four years, Bush has guided our country in making America safer and has upheld the Christian values and ethics we were founded on.

These reasons among many are why I voted for four more years of Bush.