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Late Night at SLC adds to activities

Aug. 31, 2004

X-treme dodge-ball, dating games now part of campus event

By RIAZ DHANANI, reporter

Campus Recreation and The Place 2BU kicked off the school year with their fifth annual Late Night at the SLC event Friday night at the McLane Student Life Center, featuring a new twist -- X-treme Dodge-ball.

Dodge-ball mania has hit America hard since Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story was released into theaters over the summer. The dodge-ball craze officially reached the Baylor campus.

Kim Scott, director of the department of campus recreation, said Late Night at the SLC wanted to offer something new this year instead of the same-old sports.

"We hope that a lot of students had fond memories of their elementary school days and brought those into the gym," Scott said. "This was a great chance for a lot of freshman to get their feet wet with intramurals and realize that it is easy and fun to get involved in."

Arlington senior Matthew Winn, a big fan of the Dodgeball movie, said he was ecstatic to hear that Baylor intramurals would hold a dodge-ball tournament.

"It was cool to see Baylor students demonstrate the '5 D's' of dodge-ball," said Winn, referring to the five strategies of Dodgeball according to the movie. "I had a good time and can't wait for the next intramural sport."

The popular new sport included 72 teams and continued on Saturday morning as part of a single-elimination tournament, consisting of Friday's best.

Among all the teams with wacky uniforms and competitive spirit, Phi Kappa Chi B won the men's bracket and Chi Omega came away with the victory for the best women's dodge-ball team on campus.

X-treme Dodgeball was just one of the many activities featured at Late Night at the SLC. Well-known games such as Singled Out, Fear Factor and Broomball were also featured.

Entertainment included music from Baylor band Dutton as well as carnival games that were rewarded with tickets redeemable for prizes.

Prizes at the event were an upgrade from that of previous years. All athletic teams donated old jerseys and team apparel. Prizes were redeemed from the prize store located in the SLC during the event. Megan Weaver, an Irving sophomore, loved the prizes she had to choose from.

"I can't believe I actually won an authentic jersey," Weaver said. "The prize selection this year couldn't be better."

This year Late Night at the SLC brought in about 3,500 students. Last year, 3,400 students attended. Late Night at the SLC was originally an event put together not only for a fun night out in Waco with friends, but also as a way to endorse the SLC and showcase its features to incoming students.

"Our goal as [campus] recreation is to get every single student on the Baylor campus in the doors of the SLC," Scott said. "It is really about showing the students that this facility is fun, it's here and it's open for them to get the most out of."

When Late Night at the SLC first began, the directors decided to merge the Involvement Fair with new event. This tradition has extended to today, allowing all student organizations to set up interest tables for any student to gain information about the organizations on campus. Crowds of students filed through the doors of the SLC to support their organizations.

"It's really a chance to showcase the places and people that you can be involved with," Scott said. "We don't want people to be intimidated at all. You might not have been on the football team, the basketball team or the volleyball team in high school. Well, the SLC is still for you."