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Ticket officials hoping for better attendance this year

Aug. 23, 2004

By CHAD THORNTON, contributor

If ticket officials had their way, every game would be a sell-out.

That may seem like a stretch, but the personnel at Floyd Casey Stadium are hoping this year's season ticket sales will be different from years past.

Being in arguably the most competitive conference in the nation has proved to be a daunting obstacle to put fans in the seats. Now Baylor ticket officials are taking steps to counter this problem.

Bill Chaves, associate athletic director of sales and marketing, hopes the 2004-05 campaign will have a "snowball-like" effect on ticket sales.

"We know that the majority of Baylor faithful will have the last two home dates circled on their calendar," Chaves said. "Our goal is to try and use that to our advantage and get people talking about coming out beforehand."

Although many steps are being made to ensure tickets get sold, it's hard to refute the statistics. As of mid-summer, only a handful of season tickets had been sold.

"Sales are a little low right now," said Mary Felkner, director of ticket sales. "However when it gets cooler the public will start to get excited about the upcoming season."

Even though the student body is one of the top ticket-selling priorities, the Central Texas community is gaining notice.

In the last three years, 66 percent of the tickets sold have been from residents in Waco and the surrounding areas.

Ticket office personnel hope this figure will grow and more people get excited about the upcoming season.

With Floyd Casey Stadium holding 50,000 people, the last few years have seen an attendance figure of around 25,000.

"At the end of the day we know what we have to do being the lone private school in the Big 12," Chaves said. "In order to be competitive with the other schools we have to alter our strategies with such accommodations towards season ticket holders and group sales."

A single season ticket package cost $135 for six home games.

If fans want a larger discount on season tickets, they can join the Baylor Bear Foundation. It provides fans with an opportunity to upgrade season ticket seats by earning points with each donation made to the foundation.

To order Baylor tickets call 710-1000 or visit