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BIC starts freshman mentoring program

Aug. 23, 2004

By LARAE RATHER, contributor

Starting this fall, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core freshmen will not only have a new place to call home, but a built-in family as well.

BIC Big Brothers and Sisters will be randomly assigned a group of five to eight students each, and will offer their wisdom and experience to the freshmen as part of a new mentoring program.

BIC administrators said they hope the new program will showcase BIC not only an as academic program, but a social program as well.

"[BIC freshmen] will have someone that they can talk to that they'll see as their equal," Claudette Jackson, assistant director of BIC, said.

The BIC has approximately 700 students enrolled for the fall, including 200 incoming freshmen. They will be split between the 17 mentors.

Tami Nutt, assistant director of BIC, expects with the BIC Big Brothers and Sisters, the incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to obtain an "automatic friend" who can teach things the upperclassmen had to figure out for themselves.

Freshmen will meet their mentors the first week of class.

Jordan LaBouff, a Broken Arrow, Okla., senior and one of the mentors, said, "the BIC provides the unique opportunity to pair generally like-minded students with a mentor who has taken at least half of the courses they will be taking in their freshman year."

LaBouff said he hopes the freshmen will benefit by having someone to answer questions that plague all new students. He also expects to learn from the incoming students.

"I look forward to what the incoming freshmen can teach me and remind me of," he said.