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Business school names McCormick associate dean

Aug. 23, 2004

By AMANDA HICKS, copy editor

Dr. Blaine McCormick this fall will begin his post as Hankamer School of Business' associate dean for undergraduate programs.

A previous Collins Outstanding Professor, McCormick said he believes undergraduates are the most important part of Baylor. In his new position, he will counsel students on their academic careers, oversee their education, and review and enforce admissions and graduation policies.

"I'll have more contact with students than ever before," McCormick said. "At the beginning of the semester, I ask every student to come by, so I can get to know them. Then there is an open door for the rest of the year. Now, over 2,500 students can knock on my door any given day."

McCormick will succeed Dr. Elizabeth Davis, who recently was appointed Baylor's vice provost for academic relations.

"One of the hard parts of the job is dealing with students or their parents when certain expectations have not been met," Davis said. "But Dr. McCormick is a very good, pro bono mediator."

Davis said McCormick's experience in his previous occupation at ARCO Oil and Gas will help him in the academic setting.

"He used to be a corporate recruiter, and the way that applications to universities have changed, we've got to have a great recruiting strategy," Davis said. "He's good at spreading the word."

As a businessman, McCormick said he has an idea of what the product should be as it leaves Baylor.

McCormick will again teach the business school's Negotiating and Conflict Resolution course this fall. If students earn the cost of the course by negotiating, McCormick presents them with a certificate.

"The course really pays itself back," McCormick said.

Hankamer Business School Dean Dr. Terry Maness said McCormick proved that he has a good rapport with undergraduates when he was the assistant dean for the program.

"He truly has compassion for students, and he cares about the learning process," Maness said. "And he is innovative in the way he approaches problems."

McCormick serves as a visiting editor on the sixth volume of The Papers of Thomas A. Edison. His extensive research about the lives of Edison and Benjamin Franklin has led him to publish three books. He has appeared on CNN to discuss his work.

"These men's lives have been under-investigated," McCormick said. "They were both excellent businessmen."

While some believe business is a ruthless profession, McCormick says there is definitely a place for spirituality in the corporate world.

"I believe God gifted me to be a teacher," McCormick said.