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Regents pass on Sloan vote

Aug. 23, 2004

By STEPHANIE FRANKS, editor in chief

The Baylor Board of Regents restated their support of Baylor 2012 in their July meeting despite speculation surrounding the meeting on whether the board was to vote on President Robert B. Sloan Jr.'s future.

"The regents of Baylor University reaffirm our commitment to Vision 2012, and recognize the positive impact it has made to our campus and in the lives of our students," stated the regents after the conclusion.

Will Davis, chairman of the board of regents, said he was very positive about Baylor 2012.

"It has done a lot of good things about campus life, students [and] faculty," he said.

The regents also approved of new graduate programs in theological studies, engineering, nutrition and preventive health, and exercise that will begin this fall.

One of the programs offered by the department of health, human performance and recreation is a doctor of philosophy program in exercise, nutrition and preventive health. This program is the first such multidisciplinary doctoral program in the United States.

Davis said these programs were in the process of being reviewed for several months and that they proved their merit unanimously.

According to Baylor public relations, the board also reviewed the final costs of all construction including Dutton Ave. parking and office facility, East Campus parking facility, Mayborn Museum Complex, Baylor Sciences Building and North Village Residential Community. The projects were reported to come in more than $2 million below planned budget.

In May, the board of regents approved a 2004-2005 budget of $341 million, a 9.l percent increase over the operating budget as well as a $9.3 million increase in scholarships and financial aid.

"Within the budget constraints, we're doing very well," Davis said.

One issue addressed in May is the relations between faculty and administration. In May, the Faculty Senate made a motion to ask the board of regents to take a survey among faculty over confidence in Sloan if Sloan was not out of office by fall.

"Obviously, not all concerns are going to vanish," Davis said. "The vote in May showed that. There will be some continued concerns."

Davis said he hopes both faculty and administration will cooperate and there will be meetings, particularly academically related.

"We've encouraged administration to seek out faculty of any kind to try to bring harmony," Davis said.

Davis also said he believes the regents are helping the administration in reaching out to students, improving student life.

"Frankly, the students are responding wonderfully," Davis said.

In May, the board also elected three new regents, John H. Minton, an attorney for Potter Minton P.C. of Tyler; Neal T. Jones, owner of HillCo Parnters LLC; and Albert C. Black Jr., president and CEO of On-Target Supplies and Logistics Ltd. of Dallas.