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SUB to receive complete makeover

Jan. 21, 2004

By Yuan Sheng, reporter

As part of Baylor 2012, the Bill Daniel Student Center will once again endure renovations. However, when the project will start is not known.

According to Dr. Dub Oliver, dean for student development, the renovations are expected to serve the fast-growing student body and strengthen the sense of community and belonging in the building. Oliver listed a couple of factors in figuring out the construction schedule. The first of which is to raise money.

'Most of the money for this project will come from donors,' Oliver said. 'Most of the time, when the university constructs a building, they do it in that way.'

Oliver said the second step would be to sign a construction document.

'We'll hire a construction company to do the whole project,' he said. 'In terms of major projects, we hire a firm to do it for us.'

The exact budget for the project has not been made yet.

'We are not in any way close to having actual figures,' Oliver said. 'We don't have a hard budget for the project yet, because we haven't exactly defined the scope. The budget is probably between 15 million and 20 million dollars.'

Some of the changes in progress will include refinishing floors, changing draperies, buying new furniture and computers and installing high-tech devices in meeting rooms. The food court will also be expanded with more tables and chairs.

According to Oliver, the current space of the building is 104,000 square feet, and the space will reach 150,000 square feet after the expansion, an increase of nearly 50 percent.

'One of the things that we want to be careful about is we don't want it to be so big, like a shopping mall,' he said. 'We also don't want it crowded. It has to have enough space for people to feel comfortable.... It should be an intimate space where you go and hang out with your friends.'