BU hockey player scores acting role in 'Miracle'

Feb. 19, 2004

By Jocelyn Delgado, reporter

Many people dream of being discovered one day, out of the blue, without having previous acting experience. Last September, it happened for Joe Cure, a Baylor student taking a hiatus this semester. With the help of his hockey experience, Cure was offered a role in the movie Miracle.

'The director said, 'give me hockey players and I'll teach them how to act,'' he said.

Miracle is based on a true story of the U.S. ice hockey team's battle against the former Soviet Union during the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.

Cure was offered the role of Mike Ramsey, a defensive player for the US. team.

He is the 'token big guy that hits people,' Cure said.

He graduated from his high school in Minnesota in spring 2002 with plans of playing hockey for the Central Texas Blackhawks in Belton.

After a few weeks, he left the team and worked for his uncle in Omaha, Neb., from September to December. While visiting his family, one of his high school teachers showed him the advertisement.

He said he had his first audition at the end of September, and thought he hadn't gotten the part until he got a call.

After the next audition, he was called back within a week, and was offered a flight to the final audition in Los Angeles.

Cure had no previous acting experience, but had worked with an acting coach after the first tryout.

The film was shot in February in Vancouver, Canada, and ended in July.

He said they were housed in an extended-stay hotel and all became friends and would go out together.

'Kurt Russell would invite us into his trailer on Fridays and we'd have parties,' he said.

Cure began his freshman year at Baylor in the fall 2003 after filming. While here, he joined the theater program and the hockey team, but decided to take a semester off. He went home for a while and recently moved out to Los Angeles to try out acting as a career.

'I got really lucky the first time,' Cure said. 'I'm out in L.A., auditioning and pretending to be an actor, hoping somebody buys it.'

He lived on the fourth floor of Penland Residence Hall and had made friends with a group of girls that lived in South Russell Residence Hall.

'Joe definitely instigated the fun in his hall,' Melissa Troxel, a San Antonio freshman, said.

Troxel said the night he left, 'we threw him a going away party with a fake red carpet extending from his room to one of the study rooms and drank sparkling cider.'

The movie opened on Feb. 6 and is still showing in many theaters.

Troxel said she and a bunch of their friends went together opening night and cheered during his scenes. Cure has only been in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks and already has gone on some auditions.

'I think he made the right decision.' Bobby Anderson, an Edina, Minn., sophomore, said. 'He's going to make it.'