NoZe draws crowd on mall with stunt

April 1, 2004

By Kyle Burton, reporter

The NoZe Brotherhood made an appearance Wednesday in front of the Rena Marrs McLean Gymnasium when the group staged what it called The Race For The Pure in its latest edition of The Rope.

The article depicts Jesus, a Rabbi and a Muslim preparing for a race to prove the strength of their deity. At noon, the article's tale became a reality when a large crowd witnessed the event after being summoned by a bull-horned voice. The crowd didn't know quite what they were being gathered to witness, but most stuck around to find out, and the race began when participants picked up their various wheeled objects of faith.

The Jew carried an 8-foot Star of David, the Muslim carried a crescent moon of about the same size and Jesus, of course, carried a cross. Members of the NoZe asked for a pretty girl to start the race off properly, but no one volunteered. Soon after the race began, the contestants swerved around in circles banging into each other along the way. Although Jesus won the race, most of the crowd remained uneasy about what they saw.

There are a group of students who carry a cross with them throughout the day on campus. One of the most well-known of these cross bearers is Patrick Evans, a George W. Truett Theological Seminary student from Houston. 'I don't think people truly understand exactly why we are doing what we are doing,' Evans said. 'We carry this cross for two reasons. One, we want to start conversations and reach out to those who don't know Jesus, and two, we want to remind believers of their need for repentance.'

Brett Stewart, a Waco Jr. said, 'If the NoZe brothers were making fun of someone for standing up for their faith, then I definitely don't support that.'

Others were offended for other reasons, such as Nathan Duncan, a Houston senior. 'I was personally offended that there were no Hindus or Native Americans represented in the race.'

After the incident some of the NoZe brothers, Brothers NoZeanderthal, Charles K. PoNoZi, and Ultra MagNoZe, discussed the race.

'There is absolutely nothing more southern than NASCAR and Jesus,' said Bro. NoZeanderthal. 'We just wanted to enjoy this nice day with a race.'

After winning the race, they gave the brother portraying Jesus a $5 gift certificate to Common Grounds. Last week's Rope caused a great deal of controversy by displaying an advertisement for Common Grounds. The ad featured a picture of Jesus hanging on a cross with the caption 'Go Where Jesus likes to hang out.' When asked about this, Bro. Charles K. PoNoZi said, 'It's hard to find a picture of Jesus not hanging from a cross. What was meant is that Common Grounds seems to be where every other fellowship group meets.'

The brothers said they were slightly agitated that students were more outraged by that advertisement instead of the material discussed in the rest of the issue.

'It boggles my mind that in a paper that deals with issues that we deal with, this is what bothers people,' said Bro. Ultra MagNoZe.

'We want our paper to get in the hands of people who understand the problems we're dealing with, but until then we're going to race crosses,' said Bro. Charles K. PoNoZi. 'We are doing it for the children.'

All the members of the NoZe encourage anyone offended by their articles to visit their Web site and the discussion board. The NoZe Web site is located at