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Coach advises students to set high goals

Sept. 26, 2003

By Sandi Villarreal, reporter

Student government members from seven of the Big 12 Conference universities kicked off the 'Good Times, Great Leadership' student leadership conference Thursday with a motivational speech by men's basketball head Coach Scott Drew in the Cashion Academic Center.

Representatives from as far away as the Iowa State University and the University of Missouri were in attendance.

After the visiting student leaders took the StrengthsFinder Assessment, Jeff Leach, a Plano junior and student body president, started the evening by welcoming them and telling them a little about Baylor.

'This summer Baylor has been in the national spotlight, but we have gotten through,' Leach said. 'We are very excited about our new basketball program, and we are very privileged to be a part of the Big 12.'

Following Leach's introduction, Drew stepped to the podium to give some words of advice to the students. He gave the students three main challenges to conquer in order to become great leaders.

'Don't ever give up,' he said. 'Those people who have failed and get back up are the ones who are successful.'

Drew gave examples of sports figures such as Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal who overcame failures early in life but went on to become superstars of basketball.

The second point Drew made was the importance of hard work and sacrifice. Again he gave examples of sports figures such as Larry Bird and Deion Sanders who got to the status they are at because of dedication to practicing and commitment to the team.

The third and final point was to set high goals, Drew said.

'The impossible is what no one can do until someone does it,' Drew said, quoting his father, longtime basketball coach Homer Drew.

He spoke of the importance of believing in oneself regardless of age or status in life.

'You can do anything you want to do, but you have to think you can do it,' Drew said. 'You're never too old to start, and you're never too young to start. All we have is the present and the future.'

Following Drew's speech, the co-directors of the conference spoke to the student leaders about what to expect for the rest of the weekend.

'The main purpose of the StrengthFinders test was so that you can focus and work on your weaknesses,' Brandon Anderson, a Euless junior and conference co-director, said. 'We are going to see how you are best fit to use your strengths to be a leader.'

Other events planned for the weekend include speeches by Jack Kelley, USA Today foreign news correspondent; Dan Beebe, associate commissioner and chief operating officer of the Big 12 Conference; President Robert B. Sloan Jr.; and Mark Pogue, a representative from the Gallup Organization, which designed the StrengthFinders Assessment. The conference will wrap up Saturday evening.

'I'd like to some new ideas from this conference and strategies for working with administration,' Kyle Arganbright, student body president from the University of Nebraska, said. 'It's good to have a support system of students within the Big 12 Conference because all of us are facing the same issues.'