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Freshmen get down and dirty at Follies

Sept. 26, 2003

By Katy Kelly, reporter

Freshmen gathered Thursday night at Minglewood Bowl, ready to get messy, at Student Foundation's annual Freshman Follies. The night proved to be perfect for food- flinging fun. Students arrived dressed in clothes meant to get dirty and left with chocolate syrup, Jell-O, shaving cream and other various foods caked all over them.

Follies has been a tradition for more than 20 years. Each year students participate in various games and activities. It is an annual event that is meant for freshmen to have fun after the first few grueling weeks of school.

'I am so glad we had such a huge turnout,' said Andy Wiltz, a Topeka, Kan., senior and co-chairman of Student Foundation's campus promotions. 'It was a really big event and a good opportunity for hundreds of freshmen to cut loose in the midst of mid terms.'

The evening began with frantic Student Foundation members running through the various freshman residence halls in an effort to get as many students to participate as possible.

Banging on the doors was a must because Student Foundation didn't want anyone to miss the best event of their freshman year, Wiltz said.

Minglewood Bowl was set up with a variety of games. Students competed in 'Human Cosmic Bowling,' 'Abercrombie and Fetch,' 'Groovy Marshmallow Drop,' 'Flower Power,' 'That '70s Throw' and 'Grease Lightening Obstacle Course.' All of the activities were flashbacks to the different decades themes and were meant to get freshmen covered in as much goop as possible.

'I liked dancing and getting muddy,' Dillon Meek, an Edna freshman, said. 'This is definitely some of the most fun I have had.'

The night ended with students hosing off after the disgusting night and racing back to the dorm in hopes of being the first to the shower.

'It was fun getting thrown in the mud, but now I just want to shower,' Poco Wilson, a Mt. Pleasant freshman, said.

It was a fun night that allowed freshmen to cut loose and have a little fun.

'The night was so much fun, it is always exciting to see the freshman class participate in the annual tradition,' Jennifer Terrell, director of Student Foundation, said.