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Businesses recruit BU students at fair

Sept. 19, 2003


By Whitney Freeman, reporter

Baylor University's Career Services held its fall career fair Thursday, loading the Ferrell Special Events Center with booths and allowing students to meet recruiters from 84 different companies.

Recruiters looked to fill full-time jobs and internships ranging from accounting to microbiology.

Fair draws many students

Most students who attended were seniors and juniors trying to make connections for future job opportunities.

'It gives you a broad base of what different companies do, what they are offering and what they are looking for,' Ashley Haney, an Austin senior, said.

'There were a lot more booths this year and a lot of students with fresher faces at the booths, which was definitely nice,' said Michelle Wire, a Frisco senior, who attended the 2002 career fair as well as this year's.

Many companies bring in recent Baylor graduates to help recruit for them and reestablish old contacts.

Look and act prepared

Isaac Kadane, a Federated Insurance Company recruiter and Baylor alumnus, said most businesses 'are looking for well-rounded people, students that will work well with others and that have a drive in them. Mainly, those having good social and communication skills who are willing to better themselves and the company.'

Wire said if she had it to do over, she would 'definitely bring a pen and more resumes to hand out to companies.' She said she also would have worn more comfortable shoes.

After Kadane's first experience recruiting at the career fair, he noticed some things students should and should not have done.

Resumes are a must

'Make your resume stand out,' Kadane said. Recruiters talk to many students from schools all over the country, and especially unique resumes help to jog their memory, he said.

Kadane said students also need to dress professionally. 'We have seen some that didn't dress up, and right off that is a sign we may not pursue them as hard as someone who is prepared and has done their homework,' he said.

Future contacts made

Wire said 'overall, it was a good opportunity to make new contacts, talk to people and just break the ice with different companies.'

Following the career fair, students can register with Career Services and post their resumes online.

Many companies at the career fair will be pulling resumes from their Web site for future interviews, in addition to holding interviews on and off campus.