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National media spotlight may fade

Sept. 18, 2003

By Caressa Lattimore, reporter

This summer's tragedies and the controversy concerning President Robert B. Sloan Jr. caused quite a stir on the Baylor campus with the local and national media and now has spread into the semester.

Since the disappearance and murder of Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy in June, the media have paid much attention to the university. When the athletic department scandal was revealed in July and the no-confidence vote for Sloan passed in September, the focus remained on Baylor.

Alicia Reyes, a Laredo junior, said she's seen the media everywhere this semester.

'It's never been that way,' Reyes said. 'They're here for something that we don't want them to be here for because something bad happened. It feels kind of strange. It's like, 'why are they invading my campus?' This is my territory. Go away.'

Dr. Lianne Fridriksson, associate professor of journalism, said the 'whole idea of the press is to be a watchdog.' She said it's necessary for the press to be here and cover the issues on campus.

Fridriksson said she is surprised at the continual coverage from major networks and how far Baylor's news has spread.