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Volleyball falls to Missouri

Sept. 18, 2003

By Whitney Long, reporter

The Lady Bears volleyball team lost their first conference match against the University of Missouri Tigers at the Ferrell Special Events Center Wednesday night. Baylor took the Tigers to four games but could not pull out a win.

The Lady Bears showed little to no energy in the first two games, losing 30-20 and 30-11, head Coach Brian Hosfeld said.

'[Missouri was] solid, and that's because they're a top 25 team,' Hosfeld said. 'They are a big blocking team, and they moved well tonight. They had a good defense to back them up as well.'

Baylor kicked it in gear for the third game, however, winning 30-25. The Lady Bears recorded a .316 average hitting percentage in the third game, which was their highest of the night. The other averages included a negative percentage for game two.

The last game of the night went to 33-31, in Missouri's favor. Building on the game-three win, the Lady Bears came out strong in the fourth game, watching the lead go back and fourth between the teams. The last few points for Baylor were scored primarily by freshman rightside hitter Nicole LeBlanc, sophomore outside hitter Kelly Spriggs and because of Missouri's errors.

Senior outside hitter Tisha Schwartz led the Lady Bears with 15 kills in game four. Schwartz said the Lady Bears tried hard to find a way to stop the Tigers in game three and four.

'In games one and two, we let them take runs and get the lead,' Schwartz said. 'Knowing we can play like we did at the end of the game gives us confidence. Now we just need to bring it in game one.'

Baylor had a total 17 kills in the final game, which was the most of the night. They bounced back after a total seven kills for game two.

'Tish took some good swings, went around the block,' Hosfeld said. 'There's some variations of how we can attack, and that's going to be the key for us because this team isn't the only big blockers we'll see in the Big 12.'

Spriggs finished second to Schwartz with 13 kills in the fourth game and a .259 hitting percentage.

'I try to bring a little of everything when I step on the court,' Spriggs said. 'I try to do whatever I can when I get out there, whether it's blocking or hitting.'

The loss was a bit of a surprise for the team, following the Florida International Tournament last weekend where they won first place.

The Lady Bears' season record dropped to an even six wins, six losses, and they begin conference play with an 0-1 record.

The team will be confident this Saturday however, when they face conference game No. 2 at Iowa State University, Schwartz said.

'For sure this game will give us momentum for the next one,' Spriggs said. 'It just shows that once we get down, never give up because we can always come back no matter what.'