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Letters to the editor

Sept. 16, 2003

Editorial board vote bold, yet misguided

I commend the editorial board for its bold and well-written endorsement of the faculty senate's no-confidence vote on President Sloan. In such a time as this, the university community needed an informed opinion from impartial student observers on this immensely important issue. Congratulations for asserting your role at Baylor.

That said, I couldn't disagree more strongly with your conclusion. When Sloan announced the 10-year vision and laid out a plan to see it through, our editorial board praised the administration. Most Baylor constituencies happily signed on as well. But when the price tag was revealed, with the financial debt and tuition hike that accompanied it, more and more dissent was voiced. (I was in the minority when the editorial board criticized the tuition hike.)

It seems hypocritical to praise a worthy goal and then attack every effort to see it through.

Other issues for which Sloan is criticized (such as hiring practices) may have a degree of merit on their own, but they do not amount, in the aggregate, to a reason for removing the president. It would be a shame if the leader was removed just as his visionary plan for the university, which was adopted through years of experience at the institution, was gathering steam.

While at Baylor, I and other Lariat staffers disagreed strongly with Sloan. His leadership style leaves much to be desired in the way of involving all affected parties in decision-making.

Still, I believed then, and still believe today, that he is the right leader for Baylor.

John C. Drake

Journalism '02

(Lariat editor 01-02)

Regents made best decision for Baylor

President Sloan's first year at Baylor was my freshman year, and I had the opportunity to visit with him on several occasions. Time and time again he showed his love for the students at Baylor and for the Baylor family.

Sloan is one of the best men I have ever met, and watching everything that he has had to go through these past months has deeply saddened me.

Never would I have thought that there would be people at Baylor who would try to use tragic events for their own purposes. There are so many things that people could be concentrating their time on, but they choose to go after a man that is trying to make Baylor stronger than it has ever been before. They should be supporting his efforts for the good of Baylor and its students.

I applaud the board of regents for their 31-4 vote in favor of keeping President Sloan. I also thank the six dissenting professors on the faculty senate for siding against the no-confidence vote. That took courage and strength. They have made the best decision for Baylor and have kept it on the right course.

My only hope is now that the board has voted, those who do not agree with them will stand behind the administration and support them. If they do not, then Baylor and the Baylor family will suffer the consequences.

C. Daniel Clark '98