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Baylor 2012 student board formed

Sept. 12, 2003

By Erica DeLeon, reporter

Baylor 2012 has been debated among administration, alumni and faculty. However, many students have questions of their own.

Students formed the 2012 Student Development Council to help realize the goals of Baylor 2012.

'The idea for this council has been a long time in the making,' said John Hill, an Arlington senior and former student body external vice president. 'It was formed before the current problems at Baylor. This is not a response organization,' said Hill.

Hill wants to inform students about what Baylor 2012 is and how they can have a role in it.

Eleven student leaders comprise the council. They come from a variety of organizations, such as student government, minority associations, residence hall community leaders and Greek organizations.

'We're made up of students who understand the importance of this vision to the university,' Hill said. 'Students who want to work with students to make [Baylor 2012] a reality. Students who can bring different views to the table and have different circles of friends as well.'

Hill said the council has an intentionally small membership because it wants to take two to three imperatives a year and develop the imperatives among students. They would like to erase any misconceptions students may have about the vision, Hill said.

Currently, the administration to host a forum on campus for students 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 23 at Miller Chapel to talk about the vision and answer any questions from students about the direction of the university.

The council is sponsored by Dr. Frank Shushok, associate dean of campus living and learning; Elizabeth Vardaman, associate dean in the college of arts and sciences; and Dr. Mark Bateman, executive associate dean of the school of education.

'[The organization] offered a valuable opportunity for students,' Vardaman said. 'These students that approached me are extraordinary, and I feel privileged to work with them.'