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Acts prepared for After Dark variety, talent show

Sept. 12, 2003

By Lauren Giles, reporter

Today at 7 and 10 p.m. in Waco Hall, Baylor students will perform in After Dark, the annual talent and variety show. Ticket prices range from $10 to $12 and are on sale in the Bill Daniel Student Center ticket office.

Both shows include the same performances and will last approximately two hours. Both shows will end with an awards presentation to the Baylor family of the year from the alumni association and the Baylor parents of the year from the Baylor Parents' League.

'Parents' League is honored to present Baylor parents of the year because it is our way of saying we appreciate their service and loyalty to the Baylor community,' Judy Maggard, head of Parents' League, said.

Parents were elected based on nominations by students in response to an ad in the Lariat. 'Alumni association members look at Baylor families who have given annually to recognize the multi-generational alumni family, usually four or five generations, who have kept the Baylor spirit alive through continued interest and support,' Cheryl Allen, coordinator of alumni programs and membership, said.

Family and friends of Baylor are able to get family nomination forms in the Baylor Line and via Internet and send them in for next year's award.

In previous years, the awards have been presented in conjunction with After Dark performances as part of a celebration before Parents Weekend.

'I have been planning this program since May and began working on the backdrop in July,' Michael Riemer, special performances coordinator, said. 'This year's show will be much more diverse. We are experimenting with new lighting techniques and many variations of talent.'

Auditions for the all-university event were held Sept. 1 and 2 in Roxy Grove Hall. Sixty-two auditions were viewed, but only 14 acts were chosen to perform tonight.

'This year we have many different acts, ranging from a white rapper named Skittles to a dramatic folk dance performed by members of the Latin Dance Society,' Riemer said.

Daniel Ruiz, a Houston junior, will dance for two organizations this evening: the Ballet Folklorico Ocelotl and the Latin Dance Society.

'I love to perform, this gives me a chance to perform in front of the parents and students, and that is what I thrive on,' Ruiz said.

Ruiz will perform an interpretive dance called 'Latin Blues' with fellow Latin Dance Society member Sacha Duchicela.

'We initially wanted to have 11 dancers in our performance, but due to limited stage space and training time, we decided to do a solo,' Duchicela, a Panama senior, said. 'Our performance includes jazz, tango, salsa and other various forms of Latin dancing. One fundamental aspect of the Latin culture is that they love to dance, and that is what we hope our actions will represent.'