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Professor vs. Parent: some choose the role

Sept. 12, 2003

By Elvia Aguilar, reporter

Many parents travel from across the nation to meet their children's teachers and join in the 'Baylor Family' traditions during Parents Weekend, but some parents don't have to travel far - they are members of the Baylor faculty.

Such is the case for a few students on the Baylor campus, but this year's Parents Weekend won't be any different for them.

'I actually enjoy having my mom as a teacher because she is really good at what she does,' Megan Wallace, a Waco junior, said. 'She teaches me very objectively as she teaches her other students. There are no exceptions to the rules for me.'

Wallace and her mom, Dr. Barbara Wallace, professor of music, said they both enjoy the time they have together on campus.

'It's nice to be able to meet my daughter for a quick lunch and make sure that things are going well,' Barbara Wallace said.

Barbara Wallace said that she would try to meet Megan's teachers at the parent and teacher breakfast Saturday, but she would like to meet parents from some of her other students.

Environmental studies professor Dr. Larry Lehr said his experience with having his son Pierce, a junior, in class was a bit more difficult.

'My son is very independent, and it was a bit awkward because if he did well, I didn't want people to think he did well because I was his teacher, and if he didn't do well, I didn't want the blame on me either,' Lehr said.

Larry Lehr said when Pierce initially chose to minor in environmental studies, he did not want to come to Baylor.

'He was not excited about having me for class, but I think we have worked around that now,' Lehr said.

Larry Lehr said Pierce, who is studying abroad in Australia, probably is not too excited about his father meeting his teachers.

Dr. Jeeter Basden, professor and associate director of ministry guidance, said he primarily would be a professor and not a parent this weekend. Basden's son, Ben, a senior, attends Baylor.

'My son Ben is in upper-level courses, and he is in the school of education so even though I have met some of his professors, it is usually at the professional level and not as Ben's father,' Basden said.

The Parents Weekend parent and faculty coffee begins at 8:30 a.m. at Founders Mall.