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Twin Towers replica on display at center

Sept. 11, 2003

By Marion Hixon, reporter

'You get to thinking back, what was I doing in the morning two years ago [when the World Trade Center was hit],' said Tommy Wallace, general manager of Lake Shore Estates Retirement Center. 'I'll never forget what I was doingâ I'll never forget.'

Since Aug. 18, Lake Shore Estates has had a replica of the former World Trade Center buildings on display. The display was constructed by a group of middle school and high school students from Waco.

These students, who are between 7 and 17 years old, belong to a group formed by United Way of Waco - McLennan County called the Youth Advisory Committee. The committee designed the replica for the purpose of it traveling to different Waco locations, honoring those whose lives were lost on Sept. 11.

Carole Comeaux, activities director for Lake Shore Estates, said the center's residents found the display very interesting, especially since the children presented it.

'There was a lot of feeling â and of course as it gets closer to tomorrow [Sept. 11], there's more and more people, even visitors, stopping in to look at it,' Wallace said.

As the replica is displayed in the dining area, Wallace points out that it sits in the focal point of the room and evokes frequent emotion, similar to that of what was felt two years ago on this day.

'I think that the biggest message is that a lot of people sacrificed a lot for their country that dayâ not only victims but also rescuers that were involved,' Wallace said. 'Even being as remote from New York as we are, there was still a lot of tragedy that struck home n a lot of different ways.'

Lake Shore Estates is one of many retirement homes of a chain in the United States, Canada and England.

'All of our facilities will be waving the flag at half staff tomorrow, in memory of 9/11,' Wallace said.

'We do like to stay in touch with the youth,' Comeaux said, mentioning also that the residents of the retirement center enjoy a sense of belonging to the surrounding neighborhood. 'We need things like this to remind us that we're part of the community.'

The Twin Towers display has been exhibited in 19 different locations around Waco, including elementary schools and nursing home facilities. Today it will travel to The Discovery Center, a division of Baylor's Maborn Museum Comeaux, located at 220 South 4th Street.