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Residence hall laundry facilities upgraded

Sept. 11, 2003

By Amanda Goffinet, reporter

Something is different for students living on campus this semester_ 280 new washers and dryers have found homes in the residence halls. The machines will take BearBucks by the end of October.

'Students have wanted better laundry facilities for a long time,' David Cook, a Dallas junior and student chairman for the Campus Living & Learning Advisory Committee, said. 'It is exciting to see the work done to make these hopes a reality.'

'These changes will make living in the residence halls better than ever.'

The new Energy Star Maytag Commercial Neptune washers save up to 50 percent on water and energy costs when compared with regular top load washers. The machines are designed to fit larger items such as comforters.

According to Diane Cline, university relations for Web Service Company Inc., installations are for the comfort of students moving onto campus.

Baylor also will be installing new washers and dryers in their off-campus facilities. The Arbors will be getting new machines soon, though installation at Baylor Plaza will be delayed.

Evan Webb, an Austin freshman living in Penland Residence Hall, said he was 'pumped' about the new laundry facilities.

Frank Shushok, associate dean for Campus Living and Learning, said that these changes are one of the first steps toward the residence hall improvements outlined in Baylor 2012.

'We really want to upgrade our halls,' Shushok said.

New laundry machines are only the beginning of plans to improve these laundry facilities.

This year a pilot program will begin in Martin and Penland Residence Halls, allowing students to make a phone call to check laundry machine status.

Shushok said a student in these residence halls will be able to call a number at any time and will be able to find out how many washers and dryers are available in their given dorm. If the pilot program is a success, the system will be implemented in all residence halls on campus.

Web Service Company Inc. is providing the new laundry machines for Baylor as part of a new service agreement, which began in July.

Cline said the new relationship has been in the works for two years.

Both Cline and Cook contribute the adoption of the new facilities to the work of the administration.