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Freshman leaders selected

Sept. 11, 2003

By Lauren Welch, reporter

More than 500 students turned out to vote Tuesday for their Student Congress representatives. Freshmen, the only class that elects its officers in the fall, comprised the majority of those who voted.

David Browning, a Paris, Texas, freshman, said he felt surprised and highly honored when he learned that he had won the position of freshman class president. He said he believes that all of the other candidates were highly qualified, and he hopes they will run for congress next semester.

'My priority is the freshman class,' Browning said. 'Anything I can do to help the freshman class, I am willing to approach congress about. I know that there will be a lot of little requests. Someone has already asked me about having better microwaves for Kokernot.'

Mark Laymon, from Richardson, was elected freshman class vice president and Elizabeth Love, from Katy, is the freshman class secretary/treasurer.

Love said she was interested in running for student government at Baylor because she has been involved in student government before.

'I want to help people become aware of what's going on,' Love said. 'As a freshman, you don't always know.'

Student Body President Jeff Leach, a Plano junior, said he and the class officers will work on many issues together, but they also can take the initiative and adopt programs for their own classes.

Raising money for the freshman class and helping the Baylor community through its current tough times are two main goals for the freshman officers.

They met on Wednesday to discuss ways to encourage freshmen to go to the rally in support of President Robert B. Sloan Jr.

'The greatest challenge facing first-time congress members is that at the first meeting they will hit the ground running,' electoral commissioner Ben Connelly, a Weatherford senior, said. 'It can be overwhelming when a bill is introduced. You may or may not know what it's about. When you feel like you're new it can be hard to speak up.'

For those still hoping to get involved in student government, there may be several at-large positions that become available if a representative resigns.

Newly elected class and residential representatives are listed outside the student government office in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Student Congress will hold their first meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday. Members will be sworn in at that time.