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Freshman, Student Congress elections today

Sept. 9, 2003

By Lauren Welch, reporter

Student government fall elections are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m today in the Bill Daniel Student Center ticket area. Students can vote for freshman class officers and representatives for Student Congress.

This year 14 students are running for freshman class president. Other offices are vice president and secretary/treasurer.

'I think a lot of the freshmen had an interest in student government in high school and enjoyed it,' Ben Connelly, a Weatherford senior, said. 'They want to get involved in it at Baylor, and this is the first opportunity.'

Connelly, who is the electoral commissioner, said the freshman class president position usually attracts the most candidates.

Class officers are part of the executive branch of student government, and they are considered a formal cabinet for the student body president.

According to the student government Web site, class officers also 'represent their classes through community service, fund raising and projects designed to enhance the Baylor experience for students.'

The freshman officers are the only ones elected during the fall. All other classes elect officers and representatives from the different academic schools during Diadeloso.

'I am interested in running for freshman class vice president because it's a good opportunity to meet people, make some changes and to gain leadership abilities,' Bryce Dolan, a Waco freshman, said.

Students also are running for positions in Student Congress. Open positions include five representatives for each of the classes, nine representatives for students living off campus and one representative each for Collins, Penland, North Russell, South Russell/Kokernot, Martin/Brooks, Allen/Dawson and Alexander/Memorial residence halls.

Student Congress is comprised of 60 students elected by the student body to represent a class, academic school or place of residence. They are the legislative branch of student government and have appropriating powers over the Student Life Fund, to which each student contributes $2.50 each year.

Bergundi Walker, a Nina, Ark., freshman, said she hopes to help Baylor and help the freshman class if elected to Student Congress. Walker is running for South Russell/Kokernot representative.

Many students are campaigning by passing out and posting fliers around campus, and some have distributed buttons.

'It's kind of intimidating to run against so many other people for a positon with limited spots,' Kayla Kester, a Farmington, N.M., junior said, 'I feel like I have to work a lot harder than I would if their were only five or six people running. I have told everyone I know to go vote and take five friends.'

Kester, who is running for junior class representativ, said her main campaign strategy is just to encourage people to go out and vote.

Students wishing to vote must present their Baylor ID before receivng a ballot.

Winners will be announced at 9 p.m. at Judge Baylor, the statue in front of Waco Hall.