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Well-known evangelist heading Antioch event

Sept. 5, 2003

By Jordan Parrilla, reporter

Keith Wheeler, the man known for 'carrying the cross around the world' will be in Waco today and Saturday speaking at the Holy Pursuit conference at Antioch Community Church.

Wheeler has been to more than 135 countries, stepped foot on every continent and walked more than 15,000 miles with a 12-foot wooden cross on his back. He has ventured into areas National Geographic may not even visit.

'Keith has seen God do miracles that most people have only read of in the Bible,' Robert Herber, Antioch youth minister, said. 'But most impacting is Keith's passion for the person of Jesus and his message on following him.'

Kendall Laughlin, a Dallas junior, heard Wheeler speak and said he was impacted by it.

'Keith is someone who seems to be extreme and out there, but really he is the most simple man,' he said. 'Simple in a sense that he lives for one thing ... God.'

Laughlin said Keith's miracles were not the most spectacular thing about him, but it is the fact that he has devoted his life to one thing and that is enough to satisfy him.

'Keith is an amazing person who has given his life to hearing God's voice and being obedient wherever he is called to go,' Rusty Buck, a Tulsa, Okla., senior and Lifegroup leader at Antioch, said.

'People do not need to go to the conference to see Keith Wheeler speak because it's not about him, but instead they need to come to Holy Pursuit to see Jesus speak through him,' he said.

In addition to Wheeler's speeches, the two-day event will also feature worship by Charlie Hall, who has led Passion events around the world. The Dwelling Place Band, led by Robert Fuller, also will perform. Holy Pursuit sessions start at 7 p.m. Admission is $6 in advance or $8 both nights at the door.