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Baylor should stand behind president

Sept. 4, 2003

Letter to the editor

More than a summer separates the spring from the fall for Baylor University. Our alma mater is a daily topic of debate in media around the country.

This is not the type of exposure Baylor has sought. An ominous cloud of scandal, loss, betrayal and sorrow threatens to cast a long shadow over the school's future.

Naturally, times like these require an examination of those chosen to lead the institution. Articles are appearing daily on Web sites and in major publications questioning whether Robert B. Sloan Jr. should resign as president of Baylor University.

This is a valid and fair question, and it is one that deserves a clear, firm answer.

During my last semester at Baylor I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Sloan preach at Church Under the Bridge. I was humbled by the example he set.

Here was the president of a major university, who claimed to be a Christian, out living his faith in the most unexpected place.

Not for show, not for praise, but because he was doing what he felt was the right thing to do. This is exactly the type of leader Baylor needs.

Dr. Sloan did not create, nor attempt to cover the events that have unfolded. Baylor should not 'lose its head' by calling for his.

Those chosen to lead should not be judged by scandal they did not create, but by their response to circumstances beyond their control.

I believe Dr. Sloan has answered the challenge swiftly, honestly and sincerely. Perhaps Dr. Sloan has been placed at Baylor for a time such as this. (Esther 4:11)

Unfortunately, there are some in the Baylor family who are taking a most unfortunate opportunity to settle old scores. There are changes taking place at Baylor that everybody doesn't agree with, but many of us do.

The current troubles should not be leveraged to force the administration or the board's hand to acquiesce to the views of those who disagree with the administration.

This is a time to come together, not divide. We should all be in prayer for the families affected by these events, including Dave Bliss and his family.

And we should be praying for Dr. Sloan and the leaders of Baylor to have the wisdom to lead the school forward, not hoping for their fall.

Timothy G. Webb

Rel/PSC '97