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Cooperation needed for drivers, walkers

Sept. 3, 2003

Letter to the editor

As we start the new year off, I want to propose a truce, not for the Middle East (although it certainly needs one), but a truce right here on campus between drivers and pedestrians. According to the time and task, we switch teams everyday.

But like a pickup game of tackle football, we play both sides with gusto. If you have been on campus for more than a day you have seen people walking down the middle of the street or, conversely, a kind stranger may have pulled you from certain death from an SUV.

This is a perfect situation to remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For drivers, remembering one thing will save you from road rage. You will never get anywhere fast on campus.

The streets could be totally deserted, but all the speed bumps and Paul Bunyan flower pots still will keep you from getting to class on time. And use those signals for other drivers (no not the one you can do with one hand, I'm talking about the turn signals all cars are now equipped with). ESP does not work on drivers; there's too much interference with FM stations.

For pedestrians, remember what they taught you in kindergarten (besides 'don't eat the paste'). Look both ways before you cross the street. You can roll your eyes all you want, but I won't see them as you are rolling over my hood. If a driver stops to let you cross (as some really do) actually cross the street, don't meander to the other side, stop to kiss your significant other or look for Mars. And a wave of 'thanks' never hurts. That's my free advice. Let's all live in peace, singing 'Kumbayah.'

Now about those mountain bikes...

Mark Browning

Museum Studies grad student '05