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Students help select new dorm furniture

Sept. 3, 2003

By Katy Kelly, reporter

'We are committed to doing things that students like and that's why we want their feedback,' Dr. Frank Shushok, associate dean of Campus Living and Learning, said.

'I was surprised by the turnout,' Jan Reimers, Baylor's interior designer said. 'We had a large crowd, and I look forward to reading the student feedback and working to meet their needs.'

Each of the apartment-style suites will include a couch, chair, coffee table and kitchen table with four chairs. The bedrooms will contain a bed with different reclining options, a dresser, desk and desk chair for each student.

Students at the open house were presented with various options for the furniture, including three different styles of couches and chairs, ranging from modern to casual living.

Standard and bar-height kitchen tables and five options desk chairs options were included as well.

'I think the furniture is really nice, and I think it's really good that students get a say in the choice,' Rachel Muldez, an East Portales, N.M., sophomore, said.

'I definitely want to live there next year.'

Input from students will weigh heavily when the Campus Living and Learning team makes the final choices.

All the furniture will be custom built and have adjustments made according to the specifications expressed on the surveys.

The goal of Campus Living and Learning is to make students to want to live on campus, Shushok said.

He also added that students living on campus are more plugged in, meet more people, obtain higher GPAs and have a better sense of the campus community than those living off campus.

'We have been striving for months to put out a product that students want and will accommodate the future of residential atmosphere,' Shushok said.

Campus Living and Learning will begin taking room applications for fall 2004 on Oct. 1.

Upperclassmen living on campus will be first in line for the rooms, followed by freshmen living on campus.

People living off campus will be picked from a lottery system.

With the high level of interest in the North Village, Campus Living and Learning believes the 600 beds will fill quickly.

Students can preview the final selection of furniture on Oct. 1 in the Alexander Drawing Room in Alexander Residence Hall.